4-Star Review!

CRAZYY LITTLE THING has earned a glowing 4-Star review in RT Magazine, and they included the cover in their October edition.  Here is what they had to say about my debut novel:


Witty one-liners and hilarious characters elevate this familiar story — woman gets a divorce and rebuilds her life, all the while

falling in love again. Brogan’s main character is a smart-mouthed mom with a talent for organizing everything but her own

life, and her new man is just holding on for the ride. Readers will love the heat between the leads and by the end they’ll be

clamoring for more.

After divorcing her husband, Sadie Turner is starting over. She packs her kids up and sets out for an overdue vacation at her

aunt’s house. All she wants to do is sit on the beach, but that changes when she is offered a job as a professional organizer —

something she has always enjoyed. In addition, a cut on her aunt’s head has her running to sexy doctor Desmond McKnight for

help. Attraction ignites, but Sadie is determined not to get involved. She has already been burned by one sexy-as-sin man. Sadie

will have to learn to trust in Desmond’s devotion if she wants to hold onto him.


Not bad, huh??? I’ll take it!


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