5-Stars for Highland Surrender!

Highland Surrender

Highland Surrender is a complex, suspenseful and fascinating story. The author weaves a tale of intrigue, duty, honor and romance. Fiona and Myles face a difficult path. I so enjoyed their banter, trials and, especially, their undeniable attraction. The story unfolds layer upon layer, giving the reader a sense of the history and conflict of that turbulent period. Wonderful secondary characters and engaging subplots kept me enthralled. Fiona and Myles have a passionate relationship and it shines through whether they are fighting or loving. I truly enjoyed this story. It has all the ingredients of a great historical romance. A good love story is not enough, I need to ‘feel’ the history. Ms. Brogan does just that with this book. Highly recommended!

Fiona has been sold off to the enemy. Her brothers have given her to the hated Campbell clan; Myles Campbell to be exact. She has no choice but to marry him, but she doesn’t have to surrender to him. Betrayal, loyalty and intricate plots follow Myles and Fiona after their vows. Can the truth free them to find love and honor after clan honor and lies threaten to tear them apart?

4 thoughts on “5-Stars for Highland Surrender!”

  1. Denise says:

    I just finished reading Highland Surrender and could not put it down. I am a big fan of historical romance and was very impressed. I especially look for books in series because I like to follow the characters further after the story is finished. I have not read other books by Tracy Brogan but I am now a fan and will look forward to more historicall romance stories from this author. I truly hope there will be sequels to the Highland Surrender story. I very much enjoyed getting to know the characters.

    1. jean.Leg says:

      I read a book of this authors, but cant remember the name. Two people were sitting in the sand on the cover. I loved that book as i did Highland Surrender! I couldn’t put it down easily. Lets hope for a sequal!

  2. jean.Leg says:

    Highland Surrender was so much fun! Whitty and endearing. It is a real page Turner 🙂 I hope very much that this book will have a sequal. I was enthrawed with getting to know these characters.
    I will tell my friends to read this. PLEASE GIVE US MORE ROMANCES LIKE THIS!! I only wis Fiona’s love had come sooner. I got a bit discouraged with her tormented struggles. Glad her man stood by her 😉

    Thanks again for a very affordable love story

    1. jean.Leg says:


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