Highland Surrender!

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of my historical romance, HIGHLAND SURRENDER!

RT magazine gave this novel a 4-Star review! And had this to say:

Highland Surrender features plenty of action, romance and sex with well-drawn individuals — a strong, yet young heroine and a delectable hero — who don’t act out of character. The story imparts a nice feeling of ‘you are there,’ with a well-presented look at the turbulent life in 16th-century Scotland.”
The lovely lady and USA Today best-selling author of Loving Lady Marcia, Kieran Kramer, had this to say:
“You know a historical romance is a keeper when you daydream about time traveling back to that setting and meeting the characters. I adored this lush, panoramic love story and didn’t want it to end. Myles and Fiona and their sexy yet dangerous world of medieval Scotland kept me spellbound all the way to the heart-stopping, thoroughly satisfying conclusion. I want more from this fabulous author—the sooner the better!”

Here is what a few other early Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • The story is the age old tale of feuds between the Scottish clans but with a refreshing new style, cleaner, more straightforward, and interesting. The story revolves around the romance of Myles and Fiona, their characters are well defined with depth and interest as well as great secondary characters, and the whole story rings true.  A delightfully entertaining story and I hope Brogan can write her next one quickly as I’m a fan!
  • It has intrigue, sibling rivalry and betrayal, love, and romance. The storyline was gripping. I could feel the pain that the young and lovely Fiona Sinclair must have felt when her brothers forced her to marry Myles Campbell, the son of a bitter rival (whose father was thought to have murdered her mother). I was gripped by the back and forth emotions she felt, as her experiences after marrying Myles would seem to indicate that she didn’t have the entire story.  The author, Tracy Brogan, weaves an intoxicating story, and I could feel the emotions of the various characters through Ms. Brogan’s words.
  • The storyline was intense, and I found myself staying up late into the night to learn what would happen next. And the romance! Oh my!
  • Action to make your heart pound, intrigue to keep you guessing and romance to make you swoon. What more can you ask for? Fiona and Myles are required to marry to lay an old feud to rest. I loved watching these sworn enemies discover each other while healing past wounds. Awesome debut!
  • This author was new to me, but she is quite amazing. Her characters will resonate with you long after you finish the book.  Myles is a hero that warms your heart from the start. Strong, patient and caring, you are immediately on his side. Fiona is a fiesty, smart heroine.

Thanks for the support, early reviewers! I hope to hear from more readers soon, now that HIGHLAND SURRENDER has debuted into the world!

3 thoughts on “Highland Surrender!”

  1. Kate Neese says:

    Just started “Highland Surrender” last night and I couldn’t put it down (preordered it for my Kindle – best decision EVER)! I am completely hooked and cannot wait to finish it tonight.

  2. Michelle Owens says:

    I loved your book highland surrender. I hope that you plan to write other books about the other characters. It was such a great book. My only disappointment was when after reading I discovered that it was your first historical novel. Please keep them coming.

    Thanks for such a great read.


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