Look what lovely words I found on Goodreads, written by writer and reviewer Kathy Altman:

Highland Surrender is Brogan’s first historical, and it makes for a dazzling debut. If you think the cover is gorgeous, wait until you check out what’s behind it. Brogan’s writing weaves a 16th-century Scottish spell that long outlasts the final page. She provides a fresh and endearing slant on the arranged marriage plot, the history laced into the story intriguing and never intrusive. But it’s the well-motivated, well-rounded and pleasantly unpredictable cast of characters that makes this book wholly absorbing.

Fiona finds it easy at first to despise Myles, but his earnestness in wooing her, in making their new life together as palatable as possible, make her yearn to be a true part of the devoted Campbell family. I watched, enthralled, as she weighed an innate loyalty against a reluctant love and her desperate need to be valued – the amount of time it takes for her to decide where her future lies is both believable and agonizing.

Meanwhile, her new husband’s actions are more unexpected. His need to be loved makes him overly trusting and optimistic when it comes to his bride, which results in some highly amusing romantic missteps. Myles’ lack of guile with Fiona I found truly refreshing, especially in contrast to the secrecy surrounding them. Every reader adores a plot twist – and Brogan handily provides many – one was especially stunning. Highland Surrender is sumptuous and sensual, and a stellar start to Brogan’s historical romance writing career. I’m eager to check out her contemporary debut, which she made this past October with Crazy Little Thing.

Thanks, Kathy!

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